Hi guys! Honestly, I want you to rate these characters from 1-10. OK? (The characters are mentioned with the name that they are most known for!) 

Stanley Yelnats: 

Hector Zeroni:







Mr. Sir:

Mr. Pendanski:

The Warden:

Kate Barlow:

Trout Walker:

Linda Walker:

Sam The Onion Man:

Hattie Parker (If you haven't read the book, skip this one!):

For me, it's

Stanley Yelnats: 7

Hector Zeroni: 10

X-Ray: 4

Squid: 6

Magnet: 7

Armpit: 3

ZigZag: 4

Twitch: 6

Mr. Sir: 2

Mr. Pendanski: 4

The Warden: 1

Kate Barlow: 10

Trout Walker: 1

Linda Walker: 8

Hattie Parker: 3

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