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Twitch (Brian)
Vital statistics
Title Brian (Pussy Destroyer 3,000)
Actor Noah Poletiek
Family {{{family}}}
Gender Male
Race Caucasian-American
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Gallery (Brian) Gallery
"Put it in drive and eat that ass likes there no tomorrow!!"
―Brian helping Stanley steal the water truck.

Brian is a camper in D-Tent at Camp Green Lake.

Before Camp Green Lake

Brian was sent to Camp Green Lake because he's the definition of a pussy destroyer.

At Camp Green Lake

Brian came to Camp Green Lake for eating a girl's ass in the back of a Mustang, (According to the movie). He came the day after Hector Zeroni (Zero) supposedly ran away. Brian was nicknamed Pussy Destroyer 3,000 because he tried to eat the warden's pussy upon his arrival. 

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