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Twitch (Brian)
Twitch Box
Vital statistics
Title Brian (Twitch)
Actor Noah Poletiek
Family {{{family}}}
Gender Male
Race Caucasian-American
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Gallery Twitch (Brian) Gallery
"Put it in drive!"
―Brian helping Stanley steal the water truck.

Brian is a camper in D-Tent at Camp Green Lake.

Before Camp Green Lake

Brian was sent to Camp Green Lake because he was trying to steal a car by hot-wiring it.

At Camp Green Lake

Brian came to Camp Green Lake for stealing a Mustang, (According to the movie). He came the day after Hector Zeroni (Zero) supposedly ran away. Brian was nicknamed Twitch because he twitches and fidgets a lot. When Stanley wants to bring Mr. Sir's Water Truck to Zero, Twitch teaches Stanley how to hot-wire the truck which Stanley eventually crashes into a hole. It is noted in the book Twitch seems to be supporting Stanley in driving the truck, and in the movie, Twitch is seen helping Stanley how to operate the water truck.

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