Stanley Yelnats I
Allan Kolman as Stanley Yelnats I 01
Vital statistics
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Actor Allan Kolman
Family Stanley Yelnats IV (Great Grandson)
Stanley Yelnats II (Son)
Stanley Yelnats III (Grandson)
Elya Yelnats (Father)
Sarah Yelnats (Mother)
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Old Age (Presumed)
Location Unknown
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Stanley Yelnats the First is the great grandfather of Stanley Yelnats IV, the grandfather of inventor Stanley Yelnats III, and the father of Stanley Yelnats II.

At first it seemed that the curse upon the Yelnats family might not h

ave affected the son of `No Good Dirty Rotten Pig-Stealing' Elya Yelnats, as Stanley the First was a successful banker and stockbroker, and made an untold fortune. However the curse got Stanley the First at the worst time, when he was traveling through the desert from New York to California - assumedly near the now-ghost town of Green Lake in Texas - where he was ambushed by Kissin' Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow). His carriage was overturned and crashed, his driver and other riders killed then kissed by Kissin' Kate. She personally demanded his loot at gunpoint, his chest full of his stocks, bonds - including some from AT&T - and other valuables. He was left in the desert when she departed, leaving him for dead.

Stanley Yelnats 1 gets robbed

Stanley Yelnats 1 gets robbed by Kissin' Kate Barlow

He was stranded in the desert for 16 days, no food, no water - as many believed. He'd actually found refuge by climbing up the mountain, God's Thumb, and found the spring and Sam's onion fields, which kept him alive.

He was found by rattlesnake hunters and brought to safety, alive but delirious, insane, mumbling nonsense about `God's Thumb'.

He was played by Allan Kolman

Note: In some scenes he facially bears a striking resemblance to actor Tim Allen, as well as late actor Alan Rickman.