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"D- I- G- What's that spell?"
―Mr. Pendanski taunting Zero. (Movie)

At Camp Green Lake

Mr. (Dr.) Pendanski is the counselor for D-Tent at Camp Green Lake. The campers of D-Tent fondly refer to him as "Mom." He refuses to refer to the campers by their nicknames given to them by the other campers of D-Tent  and prefers to call them by their legal names given by their parents. The only camper he refers to by his nickname is Hector Zeroni who he calls Zero. He does this because he believes Hector is stupid. Right before Zero hits Pendanski with a shovel, Pendanski kept mocking Zero by giving him simple words to spell. He asked Zero "What does d-i-g spell?" to which Zero hits Pendanski with a shovel and yells at him "Dig!" and then subsequently runs away from Camp Green Lake. This leaves him with a large gash across his nose. In the movie he is refered to as Dr. Pendanski but at the end it is revealed that he is not a real doctor. He along with Mr. Sir and The Warden are all arrested since it was found out that Mr. Pendanski deleted Zero's files under the Warden's orders.

After Camp Green Lake

What happens to Mr. Pendanski after getting arrested is unknown? The reasons after he got arrested is that Mr. Pendanski treated the boys as slaves and telled them to work faster and harder. He was likely sent to jail on unknown charges later on. He got arrested of becoming a slave owner at Camp Green Lake. That's what he gets for destroying Zero's files along with Mr. Sir and The Warden. He also got served in prison for 20 years as a punishment.

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