Differences from the Book

In the book... In the film...
Trout is called Trout because his feet smell like fish. His real name is Charles. The source of his nickname is never mentioned, nor is his real name.
Elya's wife Sarah Miller appears. She is neither seen nor mentioned.
Igor Barkov plays a big role in chapter seven. Igor Barkov plays a very minor role in the mole in the movie.
The foot odor cure is only from peaches. The foot odor cure is made of peaches and onions.
Mr. Sir's backstory is not revealed in great detail It is revealed he is a paroled criminal who commited a crime in El Paso in Texas
Mr. Pendanski never calls himself, "Dr." He introduces himself to Stanley as, "Dr. Pendanski".
There are flashbacks to Stanley being picked on at school. These flashbacks are not shown in the film, but are shown in the deleted scenes on the DVD.
Sam and Kate are outside in the rain when they kiss, and they are spotted by Hattie Parker, who exclaims to them that, "God will punish you!" They are inside the schoolhouse when they kiss, and are spotted by Trout Walker, who rides by the window on his horse. He sees them, and angrily rides away.
Kate is with Sam when he gets shot in his boat. Kate is on the side of the lake, sees Sam. being shot in the distance, in his boat.
The contents of the chest are not valued very highly. The bonds are valued at a little less than a million dollars, and the jewels are valued at around $25,000. The contents are valued much higher. Stanley stating that one of the bonds, which was worth only $25,000 in 1805, is now worth "Millions".
When Mr. Sir is scratched across his cheek, he stays still for a few seconds, and then screams and falls He immediately screams and falls backwards over a chair.
Stanley is accidently hit in the back of the head with a shovel by Zigzag, leaving a big gash. Everyone acts concerned by his accident, and Mr. Sir bandages his wound. In a deleted scene, Squid angrily accidentally hits Stanley with the shovel. No one is concerned by his accident except for Zero, who helps him up when he falls.
Sam agrees to fix the roof for six jars of spiced peaches He only asks for three.
When Stanley and Zero were climbing the mountain the bugs were flying around them but when Zero threw up he stayed there.

Zero first throws up and then rolls a little part down the mountain until Stanley caught him ( In the book he just stood up by himself and didn't fall)

  • Also the bugs came after they were up the mountain.
When Stanley is on top of the mountain he first has to dig for water When they're up the mountain there is a little stream and they can drink without digging first.
When Stanley and Zero are in the hole with the lizards, Mr. Sir tells Stanley that his lawyer came by the day before to pick him up. Mr. Pendanski told him that.
The Warden tries to tell Ms. Morengo about Stanley's attempt at stealing the water truck She didn't mention it.
Right before Stanley leaves Camp Green Lake, Squid wants Stanley to call his mom and apologize for him. In the movie, Armpit asked that.
In the party at the last scene, the book states that there were only adults in the party except for Stanley and Zero.  Everyone from D tent is also in the party.
Stanley's fat in the book. Stanley is fairly skinny.
The water truck is red in the book. In the movie, it's silver.
Ms. Morengo was described as being short. She was easily shorter than Stanley. Roma Maffia is 5'10", taller than Shia LaBeouf, who's 5'9"
It starts raining after Stanley and Zero get in the car to go home. It starts raining when they're still standing outside the headquarters building.
Ms. Morengo drives a BMV. She drives a Jaguar.
When Zero was choking Zigzag, Mr. Pendanski fired a pistol into the air. He fired a rifle into the air.
Kate was in a cabin when Trout found her and demanded that she tell him where the chest was. She was lying against Sam's overturned boat out in the desert.
The Warden stabs Armpit with a pitchfork for going to the bathroom too much. In a deleted scene, Magnet gets stabbed.